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Do you need a lawyer if you are facing deportation?

You have been living the American dream for years, although you are not a U.S. citizen. Recently, you found out that you are facing deportation; you aren’t sure what to do.

You understand your right to hire legal representation if you so choose, but you are unsure whether hiring an attorney will help your situation or be an unnecessary expense.

Immigrants with legal counsel may be less likely to get deported

There is an immensely different outcome for non-citizens facing deportation that do not have a lawyer in comparison to those who hire an attorney.

Legal representation is crucial in allowing immigrants to stay in the United States and fight their case. Immigrants with an attorney tend to fare better throughout the complex process:

  • Those who retain legal counsel are four times more likely to be released from detention
  • Non-citizens that are not detained but seek legal counsel are five times more likely to seek relief
  • Of all detained immigrants that seek relief, those with an attorney are twice as likely to have their motion granted

Although retaining legal representation has a positive impact on a non-citizen’s deportation defense, shockingly, only 37% of immigrants hire a lawyer to represent them.

Why don’t more immigrants hire an attorney for their deportation defense?

Some immigrants may not be able to afford legal representation or be aware that they can seek deportation defense. Currently, there are over 50,000 non-citizens in detention, and approximately one million cases waiting court.

The immigrants that retain legal representation and are granted bond can continue living in the United States with their family, working, and improving their situation while their attorney fights for them.