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Appealing An Immigration Or Status Decision

If you’ve been denied an immigration application or petition or had it revoked, it can feel devastating. Fortunately, there are options to file an appeal. In today’s climate, there are never any guarantees about the final outcome of an immigration case, but hiring an experienced immigration attorney is one way to significantly increase the chances of a successful outcome for your immigration journey.

Immigration Law Experience You Can Count On

Rodriguez Bell & DiFranco Law Office, LLC, has served immigrant communities for decades. With offices in Columbus and Cleveland, we know the loopholes and challenges people face when appealing decisions on processes like adjustment of status, visa applications, and other immigration procedures, which is why we can help you build a solid case to protect your status.

Timeliness Matters When Filing An Appeal

Appeals have tight deadlines and must be made with meticulous accuracy, including everything from the fee amounts to the office it’s filed at. You can also optionally write and submit a brief that explains your situation and reasons for filing an appeal. An attorney is a valuable resource for navigating through these requirements since it can be easy to miss something or misunderstand what is required. Immigration is difficult for anyone, and qualified attorneys help make sure nothing gets missed while making the process easier for you.
Typically, the requirements for an appeal include adhering to the following time frames:
• 15 days after the decision was made that you’re appealing if your approved petition was revoked, or 18 days if you were notified by mail
• 30 days after other decisions were made that you’re appealing, or 33 days if you were notified by mail

Don’t Wait To Find A Lawyer At The Last Minute

Don’t wait until the case has already escalated to an appeals stage. It helps to work with an attorney throughout your entire immigration journey so you’ll have robust backing when you reach critical roadblocks, like the need to file an appeal. Call us today at 800-709-0243 or send us a message online so we can start discussing how we can stand up for you as soon as possible.