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When It Makes Sense To Work With A Lawyer On A Visa Application

Noncitizens wish to come to the United States for reasons that are as varied as the individuals themselves. Some come temporarily for educational purposes, to conduct business or obtain medical treatment. Others wish to stay permanently in order to accept full-time employment or to be united with family members who have already migrated.

Most noncitizens who want to enter the United States must first obtain a visa. U.S. visas are divided into two main categories:

  • Nonimmigrant visas for individuals who will be in the United States temporarily
  • Immigrant visas for a qualified individual who has been approved to relocate to the United States permanently based on a family relationship or employment opportunity

Making Sense Of A Complex Process

Once it is determined whether one needs an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa, there are a number of additional classifications of visas based on more specific information. For example, the employment visa category alone has more than 10 different subcategories, including professional (H-1B), training and exchange (J-1), and artists, athletes and entertainers (P-1).

Family-based visas include those for a spouse (IR-1 or CR-1), unmarried minor children (K-2), and for a fiancé or fiancée (K-1). The experienced immigration attorneys at Rodriguez Bell & DiFranco Law Office, LLC, bring clarity to the visa application process.

If your case is straightforward, you may not need a lawyer to complete the visa application process. But if there are any complications — if you have been declared inadmissible or your application is stalled — we often can help find a solution. Whether it is verifying an employment matter or reopening a criminal conviction in order to have it stricken from your record, we will work to clear a path for you to receive a visa.

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