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Miriam in Sanctuary – Congratulations Miriam

Miriam made Columbus her home after leaving Honduras for the hope of a better life. After a deportation order in 2018, Miriam sought sanctuary in First English Lutheran Church so she could keep her family together and fight for a path to citizenship.


Miriam’s Good News!  02/23/2021
After nearly 1000 days in sanctuary, Miriam can now safely leave the church and return to living in a home of her choosing with her family. Similar to fellow sanctuary leader Edith, Miriam and her attorney negotiated an order of supervision. While unfortunately Miriam’s order of deportation still remains, this order of supervision will allow her to safely live at home with her family while making periodic telephone check-ins with ICE. This also means she may apply for a work visa.While there is much more work to be done as Miriam seeks a path to citizenship, this news is cause for joy and celebration!
When asked today what she wanted to do first outside of the church, Miriam answered, “To go to the park with my girls.”