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What you need to know about temporary protected status

Immigration can be a source of opportunities for some or a life-and-death matter for others. Those fleeing a civil war or environmental disasters in their country of origin may face life-threatening hardships if they return home.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service USCIS does recognize that individuals from certain regions may require special consideration when they seek to enter the United States due to an emergency situation.

Some people can qualify for temporary protected status based on the circumstances in their country. What are the benefits of securing TPS?

You don’t have to worry about removal

Typically, individuals in the United States without visas or green cards are at risk of removal. However, those who secure TPS do not have to worry about removal from the country, at least not without a right to assert themselves in court.

You can potentially get a job

The USCIS frequently restricts the economic activity of immigrants and non-immigrants living in the United States. For example, many kinds of visas restrict people from securing a job while in the United States. Those who have TPS can potentially request an employment authorization document (EAD) that allows them to secure gainful employment for the duration of their stay in the country.

They can legally travel

Individuals staying in the United States with visas or green cards are often subject to strict travel limitations. However, TPS beneficiaries can secure travel authorization without forfeiting their right to return to the United States.

TPS will not lead to a green card

Someone who secures a TPS designation will not be able to apply for permanent resident status if they stay in the country for long enough. However, they could still apply to become non-immigrants or move forward with a pending immigrant petition that they already have submitted. They could potentially also develop work or family relationships while here in the United States that allow them to qualify for other immigration options.

As with many more technical forms of immigration, seeking temporary protected status as an individual from a country experiencing environmental catastrophe or war can be quite complex. Understanding the rules that apply to temporary protected status claims can help you choose the right immigration program for your needs.